hilarysaurus rex (pinkjezebel) wrote,
hilarysaurus rex

just ugh.

last night was a fucking train wreck. went to see peelander z. sat through three shitty bands. they didn't even start until 1am.

and everything was awesome. linda was in the pit with me. we were happy.

then the second song came. and a couple people decided to stage dive. which would have been okay. except one of them was a retarded girl with no idea what she was doing. so instead of jumping straight out, she jumped as if she would be landing on a chair. that chair, turned out to be my head.

i couldn't turn my fucking neck afterwards. it still hurts now.

i should have punched her in the fucking throat.

the worst part was that we ended up leaving. there was no way i could get back up front and i don't dig going to shows and standing in the back. and besides we were both exhausted after sitting through shitty bands and also, we're both morons who wore heels.

but seriously, fucking ridiculous.
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