hilarysaurus rex (pinkjezebel) wrote,
hilarysaurus rex

oh the whining.

i haaaaaaaaaate being sick. i can normally deal with it, but that's at home. not in a hotel in freaking north carolina with no car and nothing to distract me. if i didn't have my netbook i'd probably go insane. i just want to sleep but i'm not actually tired. just drained. the fact that i have tomorrow off is both good and bad. the extra day to recover will be nice but i don't know if i can take the boredom. i never get bored at home, there's always something to do or someone to talk to. here there's just shitty hotel tv.

ugh, and i have to do laundry tomorrow. i hate laundry. i normally do it like every two months or less. this is why i have so much clothing, to avoid laundry. but i only brought enough work outfits for a week and my job has some weird rule about our clothes being clean and pressed. *headdesk*

the dress code is ridiculous, overall. long-sleeve button down shirts in solid colors that must be tucked in, dress pants and fancy, polished shoes. i get looking professional, i mean i like grown up clothes, i've always aimed to "dress for the job i want, not the job i have." but seriously, we all look like we rolled off some sort of assembly line. i go into nice stores and it makes me sad that i can't wear their nice, fancy work clothes because everything i like violates the dress code.

other than wanting to go home and the aforementioned heinous dress code, i love new job. new job is nice. i can't wait for my studio to open so we can start kicking ass and taking names. and then in a few months i can take a studio manager position in some new, warm location. somewhere it never gets below 60 degrees would be perfect. winter hasn't even started and i'm already about to crack. it's been 50 degrees and rainy all week, i hate it. i've got constant goosebumps, sometimes to the point of being painful. my teeth chatter if the wind hits me. i'm not cut out for this. i want to go back to the wet heat in florida. it was 95 degrees there last week! it was awesome.
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Solid colors? WTF!

What are you doing now? Where do you work?