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weather is retarded, we should do away with it.

so, i was supposed to be at this day care in laurel at 7am today.
which would mean i'd have to leave my house by 5:30.
when i went outside to start loading some of my equipment at 5:15 i slipped on the ice and landed really hard on the driveway.
which prompted me to mutter to myself quite loudly about how hard i'm not doing it.
so, i'm sitting in my room.
and apparently i'm the only person on earth who is awake right now.

i'm going to call at 6am since they're supposedly open at that time.
but i doubt it since there's a SEVERE WEATHER WARNING until 7am for nearly all of maryland.

so, hopefully i can show up there by 8-8:30 since this school has already been rescheduled twice.
last time because no one had any idea i was coming. oh boy.

oh! to anyone who doesn't already know this. i take kid's portraits at day cares. that's my job. this might make more sense if i had put this part first. oops!
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