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i write the songs, bitch.

i went to see barry manilow in dc with my aunt last night.
and he totally sparked up a doobie on stage.
it was ridiculous.
and unexpected.
i've never regretted not bringing my camera with me more in my life.
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No shit? Maybe to deal with his old age pains?

I'm envious. I'd love to see Barry.
it was pretty great.
he's neat because he's just so pumped to be there. and it seems really genuine.
he kept saying that he's in awe of the fact that people still like him.

he made a joke while he was doing it, he was like "jk. the only drug i do is lipitor."
but there was definitely smoke coming out of his mouth. and he borrowed a lighter from some dude in his band.
it'll be one of the great mysteries, i suppose.
"jk. the only drug i do is lipitor."


Too awesome.


February 12 2008, 17:41:02 UTC 9 years ago

yeah but it was written in september 2006.
oops! that was me.